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New Hampshire Small Business Health Insurance Options

Nov 2008

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As a small business owner obtaining health insurance coverage for your employees can be a major challenge given today's economy. So it's important to research and get quotes from multiple providers and to do your best to assess your employees needs before choosing a plan. After all, there's more to health insurance costs than just the price.

One small business owner who is concerned about health insurance costs for his employees is William Hurley: founder and president of Infinite Imaging -- a copy and graphics design company -- who was recently interviewed by Michael Mccord of New Hampshire's SeaCoastOnline.com.

In addition to concern about premiums, he's also concerned about choices, saying there are too few choices when it comes to New Hampshire small business health insurance. He's not alone in feeling that way; many small business owners find that choosing health insurance for their business is a maze of choices and options that can all-too-often look identical. Only then after the commitment is made do they find it doesn't fit their expectations or give their employees the coverage they need.

Hurley, like many small business owners, feels that "the good news on the national level is that all the bad news is behind us." "If we have no more ugliness lurking, we've seen the worst of it in the past two or three quarters."
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New Hampshire Small Business Health Insurance

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Some health insurance rates have increased 30% this year?

Hurley knows without doubt that his business taxes will increase, but he said, "If we focus our dollars on what needs to be done, it will be worth it." He has confidence in Barack Obama's goals, and in particular the tax credits of $3,000 for each new employee hired in 2009 and 2010, as well as a push to health-care reform to help small businesses like his.

"Our health insurance rates have increased 30% this year and this is unsustainable." When premiums go up $50,000 to $70,000, that is money we don't have to hire new employees or equipment," said Hurley. He's confident the Obama administration will keep its promise to spur small business growth, but for him the top target is health care which he thinks has become a corrosive "tax" on businesses collected by the insurance industry.

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