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Medical Coverage Debate

Romney and Edwards Argue Over Medical Coverage
October 2007

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The political fur was flying last week, as presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and John Edwards sparred over affordable health insurance, and specifically, the best way to provide medical coverage to the millions of Americans who don't have any, and the millions more who are underinsured.

Mitt Romney is famous as the former Massachusetts governor who enacted laws that mandated individual coverage in his state, and sanctioned employers who did not offer coverage to their employees. But surprisingly enough, these same proposals did not make it into his federal plan for affordable health insurance.

According to the Kaiser Daily Health Report, "Under [his] proposal, states could use federal funds currently provided to help cover the cost of care for the uninsured to help purchase private coverage for low-income residents who do not qualify for public health insurance programs." This would allow states to develop their own plans to ensure that medical coverage was accessible and affordable for state residents. He has also referred to tax breaks as a means of making it easier for Americans to pay for their healthcare.

In response, John Edwards has attacked Romney's plan, arguing that his own proposal for affordable health insurance would provide medical coverage for all 47 million uninsured Americans. He said, "Romney's cure is worse than the disease." And according to Edwards, the proposal would not "take on" the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries and would "make a dysfunctional health care system even worse."

Edwards has argued that coverage should be available to all Americans, and has linked that plan to his new proposal to fight cancer in America.

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Medical Coverage Debate

Did you know...
There are 47 million uninsured Americans?
Both presidential contenders represent the two poles of republican and democratic ideas regarding healthcare coverage. Republicans want to maintain the free market aspect wherein Americans find and pay for their own coverage, or are covered by employees. Meanwhile Democrats argue that coverage should be available to all as part of American citizenship.

Regardless of which plan comes out on top, it is good to see healthcare in the news, and getting the kind of attention it sorely needs.

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