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Feb 2007 Issue

Lack of Dental Insurance - Striking At The Poor
At the Seattle Times, the lack of affordable dental insurance for poor people is revealed as a serious health risk that will inflate health costs in general. Poor dental care has been linked to everything from heart attack to stroke, not to mention the tremendous pain and suffering endured by those who can't afford proper care.

Heart Disease - Poses Great Risks in Women
The medical world gave us bad news this week, as heart disease in women is found to be underdiagnosed due to a host of problems in the way we view the disease. This also explains why heart attacks in women are more often fatal, a fact that few people are aware of.

Eating Disorders - Binge Eating Leading To Health Problems
At USNews.com, binge eating has been reported as the most prevalent of eating disorders.

Medicare Supplement Plans - Continue To Gain Popularity
At 14wfie.com, President Bush's plan to cut health care spending, "including a major five-year reduction in Medicare expenditures to slow the program's annual growth rate from 6.5% to 5.6%," draws criticism in an environment where health insurance rates just keep going up.

Smoking - Contributing to High Cost of Health Insurance
At moneycentral.msn.com, the costs of smoking are revealed, and they effect everyone, including nonsmokers, by raising the costs of health insurance and health care in general.

Diet Pills - Can't Stop The Obesity Epidemic or Rising Health Insurance
This week a new addition in diet pills was approved for over the counter sale; known as Alli and similar to Xenical, the $500 million dollar a year prescription for those battling obesity in America, Alli has caused a lot of excitement and speculation regarding how much money it can generate in a country plagued by weight problems.

Type 2 Diabetes - Genetic Link Found
Medical News Today recently released an article advising the public that there might be a "genetic explanation" for type 2 diabetes.

Vacation Cruises - Begging For Travel Health Insurance
Spring break is drawing near, and with the warm weather on the way more and more people will be looking to travel and have a little fun.

Healthcare Costs - Predicted to Skyrocket
The news this week regarding predicted healthcare costs was not good; by the 2016 we Americans will be paying $4.1 trillion dollars for it, almost 20% of the GDP.

Michigan Health Insurance - Becomes An Issue
Michigan health insurance is in the news as Governor Jennifer Granholm's plant to "bridge the gap" of uninsured in her state nears its April 1st deadline.

Small Business Health Insurance - Burdened by Prescription Drugs
Saddled by the outrageous prices for prescription drugs, small business health insurance has been taking a beating, and will continue to do so regardless of Medicare Part D.

Diet Pills - Could They Lead To Affordable Health Insurance?
The next big thing in diet pills may be black soya, according to studies from the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture.

Health Insurance and Cholesterol Medications - Inflating Premiums?
At foodconsumer.org, new studies have refuted the commonly held perception that garlic can lower cholesterol.

Small Business Health Insurance - Facing New Burdens
At money.cnn.com, a concerned citizen is advised to feel free to switch jobs, though her child has a pre-diagnosed condition, because the law known as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) should protect her.

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